What to do in Bangkok when you’ve done everything else


With gorgeous temples, shopping and great food, Bangkok really delivers on its tourist mecca status. Such is the allure of this city that it keeps drawing in repeat visitors yearly. However, Bangkok is also more than just packed itineraries of typical tourist spots, and if you feel like you’ve seen it all, we recommend that you check out the following. 


  1. Chocolate Buffet: The term ‘chocolate buffet’ pretty much sells itself. The Sukothai Hotel Bangkok pulls off this magnificent feast high tea every week, from Friday to Sunday.  There is, to put it bluntly, chocolate. A lot of chocolate. The menu, which changes, features things like truffles, chocolate pyramid, eggless marshmallows, and kaffir lime macarons. If you fear an imminent chocolate coma mid-feast, there is also a savory buffet of appetizers featuring sushi and sliders, and of course, an extensive tea menu. Then there is executive pastry chef Laurent Ganguillet. He himself mans the Hot chocolate station, which has a certain steam punk quality to it, and will enthusiastically walk you through the various chocolate buttons sourced from different parts of the world and make you your own personalized hot chocolate based on what you like.                                                                                                                         
  1. VIP movies: There’s nothing like a luxury movie theatre to make you feel like a million dollars, albeit for a couple of hours, and with numerous movie halls offering VIP screens, Bangkok is a great place to experience it. The average VIP movie will usually have large reclining chairs with blankets and cushions, and a bit more privacy (read no fighting over armspace). Extra perks will vary according to theatre halls. For example, the Emprive Cineclub spoils you with a mini appetizer and dessert buffet in their lounge, while an attendant takes down your choice of popcorn and soda, which is delivered to your movie seat along with a chocolate bar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  1. Cha yen, the ‘right kind’: In many parts of Thailand, if you were to follow the throngs of office goers at the end of work, sooner or later you would end up in a queue for this milky, deliciously sweet tea lovingly known as cha yen. Vendors of this icy goodness can usually be spotted by the rows of condensed milk cans lined up on their counters. However, this may not always apply to the more cosmopolitan Bangkok where fashionable cafes serve up ‘Thai Milk Iced Tea’ inside air conditioned malls. While many believe the mall outlets can serve them up just as good, some swear by the roadside stalls (such as the ones at Chatuchak) as being the true makers of real cha yen. Here, freshly brewed hot tea mixed with condensed milk is poured over ice and then topped with evaporated milk. You could also try more modern interpretations of this delicious drink, such as the ice cream version pictured below.


4. Swan Boats at Lumpini Park: If the typical tourist itineraries have left you feeling jaded, a quiet afternoon paddling giant swan shaped boats at the lake at Lumpini Park might be just the thing to snap you out of your ennui. Accessible by both MRT and the BTS, the park boasts some pretty great views, with the city ‘s skyline visible over the lush greenery, giving it a very New York Central Park feel at times. Watch the locals come here with their kids to feed the fish and, if you’re lucky, brides and grooms having their wedding photos taken.

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