Ultimate Experience 203 – Most Iconic Engineered Structures: Eiffel Tower, France


The view from Place du Trocadero

The ultimate symbol of Paris is just as grand and breathtaking as I’d always imagined. But I decided to take Anthony Bourdain’s advice and “skip it” – or at least, skip climbing it. The charm of the Eiffel Tower lies in seeing it from a distance; the charm is decidedly lost when you have to stand in a two-hour long queue surrounded by a throng of tourists. Lonely Planet would disagree with me – it puts the tower also on the list of “Top Tourist Traps Worth the Crowds,” since, apparently, “6 million people a year can’t be wrong.” But they are. They are so wrong.

I actually did go to the top during my very first visit and, well, when you’re in the tower, you don’t exactly get a view of the tower. whaaat.

Palais de Chaillot’s golden statues enhance the view at Trocadero

Hunting for the best views of the tower – from the Champ de Mars park, for example, or Place du Trocadero (which is where we went) – is, I think, a far more fruitful venture.

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