Marie Antoinette Danced Here! – Augsburg, Germany

What is it about Marie Antoinette dancing that gets me so excited? I don’t know.

The stop in Augsburg during our Bavarian road-trip was motivated mostly by the easy-to-miss Schaezlerpalais. We walked by the palace a couple of times during our search till we finally found its discreet, unassuming entrance. As we happily discovered though, the interiors are as gorgeous as the exterior is modest.

The crowning glory of the Palace is the gilded ballroom (pictured above), where the most hated queen in French history apparently once cavorted all night. The truly fantastic thing about it for me was that it was practically empty – no long queues and hardly a person in sight. The Versailles may be grand, but I recall having to wait in line for over an hour and fight my way through thick crowds once inside. It’s impossible to be transported back in time when you’re basically being propelled forwards alongside a swarming mass, so while this is certainly no Versailles, it does allow you the space to appreciate the full effect of the Late Baroque design in all its awe-inspiring grandeur.

It’s also easier to pretend you’re the reigning monarch when the palace is empty

Next on the agenda was the Augsburg Cathedral:

Inside the 11th Century Cathedral

My favorite portion of the cathedral was Lady Chapel, but that could just be my weakness for ornate chandeliers and pastel pink.
The rest of our day in Augsburg was spent walking along the pedestrian precinct, gorging on scoops of delicious gelato from Santin Eiscafe, and enjoying the charming, whimsical buildings.

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