The Great Wall at Yulin: The Road Less Traveled

While visitors clog up the touristy parts of The Great Wall near Beijing, one could travel much further into China to find quieter parts of it to admire. Yulin, in Shaanxi, provides this and a lot more.

We were only in Yulin for half a day, so were whisked off to the Great wall as soon as we got off the train. The place affords a more relaxing way to explore The Great Wall and the luxury of not having to push your way through millions of tourists.


Next stop, the gorgeous Red Stone Gorge. There were ornate caves carved into the steep walls for places of worship while you could hear the rushing water from below.



Dinner was, perhaps, the most memorable part of our stay in Yulin. Because Yulin borders Inner Mongolia, the food has Mongolian influences. My favorite, of course, was the incredibly spicy Mongolian grill in a giant wok.



After a good nights sleep, it was off to the train station. But first, a quick stop at a local market to get a feel of the place. A perfect ending to a short but lovely stay!


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