Bhutan: A Quick Guide

Hi there, I put together a really basic ‘stay-eat-see’ overview of a wonderful trip to Bhutan I took with my family a couple of months back. Here we go! 


Stay: Tara Phendeyling Hotel

It’s new so everything is sparkly, and the facilities are modern. Great breakfast buffet.

Eat: Hotel Migmar

Our hotel only had vegetarian food, so we went to this hotel next door. It served a buffet like most tourist hotels and restaurants, but the taste of the food here, in my opinion, was better than the others we tried in Thimpu. I’m a dessert person, and still fondly think of their freshly made, hot Gulab Jamuns (it’s an Indian dessert where a fried doughball in soaked in spiced sugar syrup). It was here that I also got to try for the first time the famous Bhutanese Ema Datsi- chillies cooked with cheese.

See: Most impressive was the giant Buddha statue on a hill (which is also a temple) with a pretty spectacular viewpoint. We made a short visit to another monastery where prayers were being held and a lot of prayer wheels were in motion.  We weren’t particularly interested in the museums and preferred spending our time outdoors.

Buy: When I saw all the gorgeous traditional silk jackets worn by the women in Bhutan, I knew I wasn’t going home without one. The locally produced handmade ones are quite expensive, so I went to a market where the locals shopped with cheaper options. The lady at the store was quite helpful and showed me how to pin it with a brooch.




Stay: Olathang Hotel

With traditional architecture, wooden walls and a courtyard, this is one gorgeous hotel.

Eat: Olathang Hotel

Hands down the best meals we had in Bhutan. The dinner buffet, set in a lovely dining hall with ornate walls, is huge and features Bhutanese, Indian and International food. I particularly loved the roast chicken and the Apple Pie.

See: Dragons Nest hike (it was super cloudy so the picture came out gray)

Paro Dzong

Clear blue water



Stay: Punatsangchu Cottages

Simple and spacious rooms with breathtaking views of the valley.

Eat: Punatsangchu Cottages

The cottage cook is an expert when it comes to steamed fish and Kewa Datsi (potato with cheese).

See: The famous Punakha Dzong monastery

Chimi llakhang


And there you have it, a short overview of my trip to Bhutan!


Note: Our stay in Bhutan was lovely and peaceful. The one thing, however, I would ask travelers to note is the fact that there are many street dogs there. My mother had a rather unfortunate experience in Paro when, during an evening walk, a group of street dogs jumped on her. Thankfully a local was kind enough to stop his car and help her.

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