Fairytale Wedding by the Chao Phraya

A year ago my childhood bestie informed me she was to be wed in Thailand. In a show of support, I squawked and hyperventilated. I then proceeded to squeal for a whole twelve months in anticipatory joy.When our plane landed in Thailand, I squeaked excitedly at the immigration officer. He bleated back. It was a symphony of joy.

Look at the stunning bride! Doesn’t she look happy! She wears a Sabyasachi lehenga, which is basically the cat’s (silken, hand-embroidered, delicately besequined) pajamas.

Pheras by the riverside
Pheras by the riverside: the prime ritual wherein bride and groom circle the altar 4 times, each round symbolizing a separate, distinct vow.
Two very cute hands being painted. Teehee!
Two very cute hands being painted with henna. Heehee.
Surprise! It was my hands all along!
Surprise! They were my hands all along!

Dear reader, it was the best 3 days of my life. It was better than my own wedding. It was better than the day I discovered Nutella. It was better than President Obama throwing a snowball at a cat.

We sat under the brilliant Thai sun, sipped cold coconut-water and had our feet massaged (Thai masseurs were  aplenty at the first day of events) while around us musicians musicated in ecstasy and traditional Thai dancers wiggled passionately.

The three-day-long nuptials took place at the Anantara Riverside Resort, a luxurious gem where we were also housed. Louis XIV stayed here in his youth. We got his suite. Sweet.

Elaborate hair-ornaments worn by one of the dancers I was creeping on.
Bride, groom, coconut. Sweet.
Bride, groom and coconut.

Here’s what we did after our fabulous, boozy sojourn at the Anantara.

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